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Sena Leopard Conservation Society

Sena Leopard - Tailor India toursSena Leopard conservation society was formed in 2011 and formally registered after one year by Mr. Dalpat S. Ranawat (Retd. senior govt. teacher) from Sena village in the Pali District of Rajasthan, India by the
support of Tailor India Tours. This area is situated on the border of Kumbalgarh wildlife Sanctuary and Sanctuary is covering a total area of 578 kilometers.

Three year of continually and constantly works for conservation around Sena village and near Jawai Dam by the society and in the result Rajasthan forest department include this area in Cat conservation zone in 2014. Flora and Fauna of Sena conservation zone is consist of deciduous and scrub forests. This zone contains species 170 of plants. Tree species includes Shisham (Daibergia sissoo), Kala siras (Albizia odoratissima), Desi babool(Acasia), khair, Amla (Emblic), Bamboo, havan (The duration of yagya, the selection of mantras and the type of herbal/plant medicinal preparation (havan samagri) to be used in it depend upon the nature and extent of the disease)., Kikar (prosopis juliflora) jungle Jalebi (Pitecellobium dulce) and many herbal quality plants. Various manic habitats dwell in the zone which includes Leopard, Jackal, Sambhar, Jungle Cat, Hare, Stripe Hyena, Chinkara, Pangolin, Flying fox, Wolf captivated in its activities and birds like Peacocks, Parakeets, Bulbul, Grey Pigeons, White Breasted Kingfisher, Golden Oriole, brown wood Owl, Seven sisters, Red Spur Owls, Grey Jungle Fowl and Doves.

Sena sena ConservationJawai dam is situated inside the Sena conservation zone. This is the biggest dam of western Rajasthan. In the past this dam was used to supply drinking water for Jodhpur town. The dam has capacity of 7887.5 million cubic feet and covers an area of 102,315 acres (414.05 km2) of cultivable command area. There is a crocodile Sanctuary with Indian and migrated birds include sarus cranes, comb duck, spotbill duck. During the winter, demoiselle, common eastern crane, bareheaded geese and Migrating birds descent on the water.

In Sena Leopard conservation zone one eco-friendly campsite, in the village, with three privet bungalows that have energy saving electricity and water twenty four hours a day in each privet bungalow and accommodate two guests and can be booked on single or double occupancy basis. Access to the campsite is by two hours drive from the Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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