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Jagnath Wildlife Safari

Jagnath Safari - Tailor India Tours

Jagnath wildlife safari is family owned and operated wildlife sanctuary.
The Jagnath wildlife Safari is a unique eco-system located on the remote private Jungle lands of the Sonagara family of Kaniwara, in the Jalore District of Rajasthan, India. These Jungle lands were a gift from the Royal family of Marwar region seven generation ago to Sonagara family.

The Sonagara family has naturally preserved a large amount of his lands with the support of Tailor India Tours (400 hectares in size). The total wildlife habitat is 180 square kilometre in area. We have developed one eco-friendly camp-site, in the sanctuaries jungle core, with three well furnished cottages and four luxury tents that have solar electricity and water twenty four hours a day in each tent. Each privet bungalow and tent accommodates two guests and can be booked on single or double occupancy basis. Access to the camp-site is by a thirty minute jeep drive from the nearest village of Dhawla.

Other wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India are owned and operated by the Indian government. Many guests, in Jeeps, are inside these sanctuaries and parks, during safari, and the thrill and excitement of sighting animals on foot is possible. At our sanctuary two safaris per day will be conducted with our
naturalist and sanctuary guards, one walking safari in the early morning and one jeep safari in the evening, an hour after dark. These are the two times per day where it is possible to see an abundance of wildlife inside the sanctuary.

Jagnath Safari - Tailor India ToursOver the first three years of beginning we have studied and documented some extraordinary animals and birds that live inside the sanctuary that include the rare Asiatic Wild Cat, the Jungle Cat and the Tawny Eagle. Other animals that are resident in the sanctuary include Leopard, Hyena, Desert Fox, Desert Hare, the unusual Indian Desert Zird, and herds of Indian Gazelle and Blue-Bulls (Asia’s largest Antelope). So far we have documented 121 different resident bird species including Vulture (unusual to see now in India), Imperial Eagle, Black-Winged Kite, Ringed and Grey Dove, Spotted Owlet, Rose-Ringed and Alexandrian Parakeets.
We have privately financed the development and protection of the sanctuary with the help of local people from near by villages.

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