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Jagnath Wildlife Safari Sena Leopard
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Vacations on Horseback

This horseback safari adventure takes you on a remarkable journey through foothills of Aravalli Mountains and into the Jagnath Wildlife Sanctuary, home of the endangered Asian step wild cat of India. The terrain will change before your eyes, from a low and rolling hillside to steeper mountain inclines with varied vegetation adjusting to the elevation accordingly. In the beginning, the trail leads through small villages where traditional farming and customs are still practiced daily, but as the ride penetrates deeper into the mountain range, human habitation becomes scarce. Eventually the safari enters the Jagnath Wildlife Sanctuary and Sena panther conservation zone which is home to a fantastic variety of birds and animals, many of the species endangered and therefore unique to this part of the world. An exhilarating chance to admire virgin deciduous forest at its finest surrounded by authentic Indian wilderness and atop your spirited Marwari steed.

We have a range of horseback riding vacations for the whole family. Our family-oriented holidays are dedicated to adventure travel trips that cater for the whole family – no matter their riding experience…

Our family horseback vacations are an opportunity to bond with your children in an atmosphere of fun, adventure, challenge and mutual trust. Our family holidays are a great chance to see and understand the locale culture, countryside life and wildlife of our country.

The combination of tour by horseback and road (fuel efficient SUV) is the unique idea of our family vacations.

All Safaris can be prolonged or shortened according to your wishes

Accommodation in Heritage hotels, Manor home and well equipped luxury tents along the way is possible on some trail.

Minimum required 5 riders on each safari.

We give special group rates for more than 8 people.

The wearing of riding helmets, proper riding breaches/shoes is recommended by the management.

For a booking inquiry and detailed itenerery please contact us at

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