Eco Policy

Sustainable tourism can provide solutions to the issues of inclusive growth. Besides, the 'return to roots' focus, in tourism, is interlinked with increased access to information, enlarged interest in heritage and culture, improved accessibility and climate change concerns. Sustainable visitor strategies based on art, craft, cultural & natural heritage and environment care can hence target larger tourism yields, which could contribute significantly to conservation and to the rural sector in particular.

Tourism hence has the potential of being a non-polluting, sustainable, income provider. With the global emphasis on sustainability and combating climate change, this creates a major opportunity to position the tourism experience as a unique visitor takeaway, in low-impact settings.

Our policy is very easy; educate the people about importance of nature in their life and how we will stop changing the nature by doing small efforts. Sena leopard conservation zone and Jagnath wildlife safari (Sanctuary) are the places where our ideas were implemented with the help of near by villagers. We educate and help the people of Sena village to get involved in Sena conservation society to save the wildlife and unique eco system of that area. Our companies Tailor India Tours gave technical support and raised fund for Sena conservation society to hire the naturalists for documented spices and rare plants of the area, hire the guards for protect the tree by cutting and stop poaching.

After serious effort for conservation by the society with the help of Tailor India Tours in the result Rajasthan government include Sena leopard conservation area in the wild cat conservation zone; it's only a small step of our vision about saving the eco system of this particular region.

Now we are trying The Sena conservation zone will be included officially in Khumbhalgarh wildlife Sanctuary. Most of the people working for Tailor India Tours are hire from near by villages and we organized workshop every year by professionals to train them.